Compliance with standards

Compliance withstandards

Our leitmotif: to guarantee you the on-time delivery of your accessible PDF document in accordance with international standards PDF/UA (also called “PDF Techniques for WCAG 2.0”).

Additional criteria may also be applied depending on countries standards (SQGRI-008, RGAA 3.0, etc.).

User testing


During and after the document’s tagging, user tests are carried out on the document. In concrete terms, it is scanned in full and read by a blind user via a screen reader and a Braille page. All the accessibility criteria are verified: presence of titles, accessibility of lists, accessibility of tables, differentiation between decorative images and informative images, presence of textual alternatives if necessary, etc.

Label e-accessibility


All the documents we tag are eligible for the « e-accessibility » label. This label guarantees all web surfers that a communication PDF format document is accessible, especially by the visually-impaired.