Evolution of legal framework

Since 2005, legislation has evolved in several countries (France, UK, Germany, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) in favor of the right of persons with disabilities to improve access digital content online:

Government accessibility standards

This is reflected in preventing to create discrimination situations vis-à-vis employees,customers, shareholders, journalists or any stakeholder - situations that would be detrimental to the high end for the company. Several cases of legal actions have recently been filledin several countries.

The European Union is working on a draft directive to improve the accessibility of websites on a European scale, this directive will be soon in the official journal. Each country will therefore have 21 months to come into compliance with accessibility standards.

Voir le communiqué du 3 mai 2016 de la Commission Européenne

Though we embrace a pragmatic approach to accessibility, this should be taken as an opportunity to produce more quality site and extra performance instead of being taken as a legal constraint.

Benefits of PDF accessibility

Benefits ofPDF accessibility

The accessibility of PDF documents offers many advantages:

  • A wider audience: a document made accessible to the disabled may be consulted by all, including people with visual impairments, without having to make any graphic and ergonomic concessions.
  • An enhanced pro-citizen image: thanks to digital accessibility, participate in the promotion of sustainable development and social responsibility. By making your PDF documents accessible, your image and your responsibility to citizens will be promoted among the general public, your employees and your shareholders. Thus, you ensure them transparent and accessible communication.
  • A certified publication: publications made accessible in accordance with WCAG 2.0 / ISO 14289-1 standards are eligible for “e-accessibility” certification issued by Ipedis.
  • An improved SEO: the use of XML tags to structure the document in the same way as a HTML page enables better indexing of content by search engines.
  • One unique file required: the process involved in making the PDF accessible does not alter the document’s visual appearance. This means that there is just one document to distribute for all.