Document preparation


Adding file metadata


Go to File > File Info and add the description metadata, namely, the Title, author and provide a brief description of the document. This information will be the first metadata that the assistive technologies will transcribe for the visually impaired.


It is possible to insert this information in Acrobat once the PDF is generated.

Go to File > Properties and insert the information in Title, Author and Subject (keywords) if necessary. Go to “Initial View” and replace the “File name” field by “Document title”. The name of the document in the menu bar will be automatically modified.

In the “Advanced” tab, select “English” in Reading Options Language.

In “Initial View”, edit “Magnification” by “Fit page” or “100%” to define the format upon opening the document.

Labelling elements

If this is not already the case, open the following dialog boxes:

  • Characters (Window > Type& Tables > Character)
  • Paragraphs (Window > Type& Tables > Paragraph)
  • Character style (Window >Type & Tables> Character Styles)
  • Paragraph style (Window > Type& Tables > Paragraph Styles)
  • Articles (Window > Articles)
  • Bookmarks (Window > Interactive > bookmarks)
  1. In the Paragraph StylesOptions window, double click on [standardparagraph]

  2. Go to “Basic Character Formats” and fill in the default font, uncheck the elements: “Underline”, “Strikethrough”, “Ligatures 2Ligatures are typographic replacement characters for certain letter pairs, such as "fi" and "fl". The characters that InDesign uses when the Ligature option is selected appear and print as ligatures. Source: Formatting Characters Indesign - Adobe” and “No Break”

    The presence of aesthetic ligatures may interfere with the transcription of the information for persons using screen readers or refreshable Braille displays for example.

  3. Go to Advanced Character Formats, and insert the default language.

  4. Selecting default language will allow the screen reader to read out the information automatically in the desired language. Moreover, the creation of other elements in that language will be carried out by default thereafter.

  5. Go to “Export Tagging”, and insert the associated tags. In this case, the configured style is Basic Paragraph; it is, therefore, a P.

    It is not necessary to fill in the fields for EPUB and HTML, but it won’t hurt.